Negotiated Study - G-Shock Advertising Campaign
G-Shock advertising campaign I created for my university project. Directed & Produced: Matt Lanning Sound Design: Ignacy Sokol
This is a project I have created for my university module, Negotiated Study. With this project I set my self the task of creating a TV advert, a series of sting adverts and a print campaign for G-Shock watches. The campaign was created entirely through the use of photography and film, by capturing the influence of different forces on reactive substances, such as graphite powder, ferrofluid and iron filings. 
TV Advert: This is the advert I directed and shot, with a massive help to Ignacy Sokol for the sound design. I tried to use different substances to portray the kind of forces the G-Shock watches can withstand. 
Print Campaign: Below are my print campaign experiments, where I created a number of different outcomes which would be visualised as prints for editorial, billboard and commercial poster use. 
Short Adverts: I only intended on creating three short sting adverts, however it seemed right to create one for each 'substance reaction' after including all the different forces in the main advert. 
Style Frames: Finally, here are some of the style frame images that I shot before I started shooting the advert. These images were taken to give me an idea of what the final video might look like and also to practice shooting the different movements of each substance. 
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